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Lucky Star Fanfiction Recommendations

I know there's already a TVtropes page about this, but there're two problems with that:
  1. It's totally outdated.
  2. It's TVtropes.
So, here's a good fanfiction recommendation list, the following stories were selected for two reasons:
  1. The characters must be In Character (IC), unless the point of the story is the characters being Out of Character (OOC).
  2. The story is well written.
But if you're a writer and your story isn't here, don't worry, if you keep writing maybe one day your work will fulfill these two conditions. 

The stories are in the order you should read them, so first we have:

Level Up! Love!

Level Up! Love! was the first good and probably the most IC lucky star story ever written. The two authors made an excellent work with the plot and pace, it simply deserves every review and favourite it has, and I won't spoil the plot but it's so good that if I had the money I would adapt this to a movie, line by line. If you don't believe me, then judge for yourself:

You won't regret it.

Beyond Friendship

Just a little bit longer... I wish that this story were just a little bit longer... The author of Beyond Frienship, DoubleBoxEven, has a gift, he can portray the characters' emotions at a level that no other writer can. The story starts simple with a simple premise, but it quickly evolves into one of the most touching stories ever written. If I couldn't do a Level Up! Love! movie, then I would adapt this as a 2nd season. Beyond Friendship is really good:

But isn't the only good work of this author, so if you like his greatest work, I highly recommend you read his other stories.

On Patience, and the Priestess

On Patience, and the Priestess was the first good lucky star one-shot. There're some other good lucky star one-shots, but I feel that this one was the source of inspiration for many writers. Some reviews even said it, so I guess you can say this is a very inspirational story:

Truth or Dare Trilogy

Why I describe this set of stories with this random picture? Because that's the best way to describe Zokusho's trilogy a bunch of random scenarios that fit together to make an enjoyable story. Zokusho has a knack for enter the characters' minds, without complex descriptions he can narrate a good paced story and keep you on the edge of your seat. It's never boring and you always want to know what's going to happen next, but the best part is, you can't predict it, you can't use logic if you're reading a Zokusho's story, everytime you think How the lucky star characters ended in this situation? It's because Of course, it's a Zokusho's story. If you want to have some fun, then read:

Lucky Life

Flygon Master's stories, Lucky Life, let us see the characters from a different point of view, focusing mostly on Konata backstory before going to Ryoo High School, and developing it from there. He wrote a revised version of the stories, which are much better than the originals (it's like comparing FMA with FMA:B).


Konata and Kagami are trapped, they don't know what's going on, and they have no one else but themselves, the most important thing now is get out of there alive and together. Even though this story was never finished, Ransom is a very good and intriguing read that is worth every second of it:

Falling Stars

Oh, how can I describe this story? This is probably the most influential lucky star crossover ever written. Tastychainsaws found a way to combine Fallout 3 and Lucky Star, that it almost seems they were meant for each other, he has a peculiar style of writing (as you can see in his story Miyuki, Thespian Extraordinaire) that really makes you immerse into the story, as an example, this is one of my favourite quotes:

"This was stupid, the whole wasteland was stupid, Tsukasa was stupid for taking that stupid book, Konata was stupid for dragging us out here, and I was stupid for not being able to come up with another adjective besides stupid."

Raising Kagami

This is undoubtedly Racke best work, it depicts the characters in an unusual situation with an unexpected heart-warming conclusion, and although Racke is more known for being the best lucky star lemon writer, you can say that Raising Kagami is a story that will make you remember him forever:

Brightest Day, Darkest Night

A crossover with the DC Universe, showing a Konata who has a secret that's becoming hard to hide, especially now that Kagami returned to her life after so many years. The plot is perfectly planned and the narrative enjoyable, now I just hope that someday we'll get another chapter:

I Used to Remember You

The best way to describe this story is as something fresh and original, this is an AU (Alternate Universe) in which Konata and Kagami were childhood friends, but then some stuff happened... well, in Kagami's words:

"It's one of those stories where childhood friends meet each other again, and when they do, it's like everything just restarts, as if their relationship was just put on pause for ten whole years and then when they see each other, someone conveniently hits the play button."

Easy, one of the most enjoyable AU's I've ever read.

Standing Between Luck and Oblivion

Armorblade's story, Standing Between Luck and Oblivion, is a crossover between Lucky Star and Oblivion. It has a good plot but I think the most remarkable part is the way the characters are developed, each character has an interesting backstory that hooks you enough to keep you reading:

There's a parody by Zokusho.

Konachan Saves Xmas

A Christmas related story is Smusher6's best work, he has tried to write longer stories, but they're too repetitive and you kinda lose interest after some chapters, definitely he's a lot better writing short stories like this one:

If you prefer a more serious Christmas story, then you should read this one by Zokusho.

A Thousand Miles of Fire

A Thousand Miles of Fire is a story I hope will continue soon, a Zelda and Lucky Star crossover which portray the characters' personalities perfectly for the role each one plays. It also has pretty clever jokes:

Lucky Souls

Lucky Souls, a Demon Souls and Lucky Star crossover, has a professional form of narrative with a deep plot, the descriptions and battles are very detailed and explained, if you like adventure stories then this is a must read:

Battle Star Royale

It's Battle Royale, with the Lucky Star girls.


Why are you still here? Go read it right now!

It's a lot better than that shitty Hunger Games movie.


A parody of The Ring, but romantic, Kagami is lonely as always, but this time she's a lonely teacher (much like Nanako Kuroi), until one day she gets a mysterious Tape. The story is unclear if it's an AU or not, there're some hints implying that, but there're some others that... you should read it and try to figure it out yourself, especially because it was never finished:

Call From The Waves

Ok, I know the picture is a bad joke... but if you're fan of the original Cthulhu Mythos (not just the Nyaruko's version...) then this story is for you:

It also has a sequel in progress.

Luckier Star

The way Kagami is developed in this story is simply unbelievable, it's common knowledge than when a tsundere pass from type A to type B she reaches her maximun development, but this author, Acsuperman, takes it even further, even more than Flygon in Lucky Life. The only problem that some people could find is the number of references, some are from KonaKaga doujins or other authors, but most of them are about Western media or "Mainstream" japanese media, I actually don't mind it, but some reviewers find problematic disney songs and rasengans. Acsuperman is in a "reference war" with Sqweebs (see below), so if you want to undersand the story below, you should read this one first:

Runaway Otaku

Runaway Otaku has a good start, the plot is uncommon and well narrated, but at the latest chapters the original plot gets overshadowed to make space for a sequel in which the reference war takes place:

The world of dreams

Warning: This story contains diapers. Exactly what you read. Knowing how weird Konata and Kagami are (Yeah, both of them), it's pretty normal to assume that some authors can use certain fetishes and still make a very interesting story. Despite the ABDL content, you easily get used to it and start enjoying the plot and development, a very good read:

Hypno Kagamin

Continuing with the fetishes fest we have this.To be honest, this story isn't that good, I mean I've read comics better than this story and have only two pages, this is more like a personal recommendation since Hypnosis is my biggest fetish (I even made a pointless gif of that comic some time ago). However, the story is still the best of all the lucky star stories on the web that contain hypnosis... though that's a big total of 7...

If you don't like hypnosis, there's a sequel which isn't related to hypnosis at all.

Lucky Star II: Return of the Heroes

Don't worry about the title, this isn't a sequel, it's just that the story was originally written in French, and later translated to English (The grammar is really good though). Besides, this story is complete, and that's something hard to find in a not-crossover adventure story:

Catching a Cold

Kagami catches a cold, and things unfold from there. All the characters are well developed with full chapters dedicated to them, and at the end there's an epiphany-realization stuff with Konata that reminded me some stories like Beyond Friendship:

Let's Play a Game

Same reason as above, but with Kagami instead of Konata. The story is very simple, though:

Flickering Stars

There've been multiple attempts for a Falling Stars' sequel, but they failed or they were simply forgotten, this time there's one in progress who looks a lot better than the other two combined. Flickering Stars is a sequel to the Tastychainsaws' crossover, the story is from two different perspectives and follows the Fallout New Vegas plot:

Battle for an Otaku

I think I've never seen a story so underrated... by its own author. Battle for an Otaku is a story different from any other, but I'm not very sure why, maybe is the excellent narration from Kagami's POV or the fact that it practically took me back to 2007, regardless the story shows that a plot doesn't need to be too complex to make it awesome:

General stories

Believe it or not, there exist not romantic lucky star stories that are good, they're extremely hard to find, since most of them are written by kids trying too hard to imitate the style from the anime (it happens for most of the stories from any genre, but mainly the not romantic ones). So, after a hard research (and with that I mean I read all the 900+ stories on the web), I found some remarkable ones:


This story is like a combination of Alice in Wonderland with a bunch of fetishes, some of them may be a bit weird, but they somehow fit the story very well. Also, in a certain chapter it has the most memorable line ever said by Kagami, I won't say what chapter, you'll instantly know it the moment you read it:

The Library

Arkytal has some good stories like Just When, but this one simply breaks the mold. An AU in which the three protagonists, Tsukasa, Konata and Hiyori are being bullied by their classmates. They plan to take revenge and literally "leave the school in a bodybag":

It has a sequel, of course.

And these are all the stories I can recommend, if you have any suggestions, maybe one I missed, then just leave a comment below.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me here, Konami. I saw your comment, and the last thing I expected was this ^^

    I really need to continue my fiction...I was thinking of starting from scratch and just reworking it a bit because of the direction it's taking, but I may just "let the dice fall where they will" so to speak (Vegas reference ;D).

    Just...thanks. This made my day when I first saw it, and every day since!

    ~Fullmetalnyuu (author of Flickering Stars)

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